We gave consultation to Daihatsu about their reconsideration of sales strategy for small/medium enterprises, and suggested that they provide a new service which would resolve their clients’ issues. After setting our first market target to nursing care provider and conducting various hearing, we found out that planning of transportation (picking up and dropping off patients) was an issue. As a solution to this, we have agreed to develop a system to automatically create the route/plan.

Implementation items

Our approach was to invent "RAKUPITA SOUGEI" which could automatically create proper transportation planning by registering vehicle/patient information beforehand. Created routes/plans can be accessed from the driver's smartphone application which can also recorded the progress so that the manager side can verify transportation situation such as cancellation on a real-time basis. "RAKUPITA SOUGEI" successfully contributed to business improvement by shortening the time of transportation planning to ¼ and sharing tasks that were dependent on individual skill among staff.

Technical features

In order to create proper transportation planning, we developed an algorithm which enables proper routing and vehicle allotment among "multi vs multi" which means various users and various vehicles, and minimized mileage/task time while satisfying various conditions. Also, implemented dynamic management systems where center side and client application would coordinate in order to realize task management on real-time basis, which made an unprecedented telematics service for nursing care providers.