01Shared Vision

Where should the project be heading?
We start by hearing and sharing your vision with each of your team member.


Identify issues


Brainstorm ideas

Set goals

Conduct field interviews to deepen understanding

Simplify visualization and haptization by prototyping

Clarify vision and deepen ideas

Set and share KPI/KGI

02Verification of essential tasks

What are the functions and essentials to be verified first?
We propose development procedures and systems from a business development perspective.

Define MVP

Assess field examination


Implement strategic pivot

Propose MVP (minimum viable product)

Serial prototyping and effect measurement

Improve MVP based on result of verification

03Solution Technology

Zero to one, one to ten - we propose software development and solution optimized for your project to succeed.

Define requirement

Basic design/specific design




Clarify functions and performance to be achieved

Consider the configuration to satisfy requests

Finalize specification

Develop software

Meet quality standards

04Strategic Partner

It is the beginning when the development is over. We propose a system - scale-up strategy, operational design and functional improvement - so we can grow together as a strategic partner.

Operational design

Operational support

KPI setting

Scale-up strategy

Strategical partnering

Clarify operational design and SLA

Support planning and accomplish target

Plan function enhancement

Synergy with SOFTBANK Group