CASE INTRODUCTIONDental treatment simulation system that uses mixed reality technology


Currently, the technique to accurately drill teeth and the ability to detect risks in dentistry is based on the experience and intuition of a doctor, and there are variations among physicians about its safety. This project aimed to build the world's first dental treatment simulation system that enables everyone to receive more secure and safer treatment with under the supervision of Morita Co., Ltd., a pioneer in the dental industry and dentists: Mr. Tsutomu Kubota and Mr. Takeyuki Yomoto.

Implementation items

Digitalization of information such as CT is currently expanding in the field of dental treatment, yet it is used only as to verify data on a display before the treatment. It would be possible to conduct treatment while a doctor is transparently verifying patient's internal structure such as nerve tissue by superimposing its image in 3D over the patient’s oral cavity. We accomplished to evolve it into a real-time navigation and created safe and sound system that eliminates factors such as memory and intuition. It is expected to be utilized in dental education system in the future.

Technical features

A spatial recognition technology with a very high accuracy is required in case of using navigation for treatment of real objects such as teeth. We incorporated technology such as object tracking in AR/VR/3D in order for the digital data to be placed in 3D space through HMD and follow/superimpose in high speed. As a result, we were able to create the unique mixed reality technology, the dental treatment simulation system with extremely high accuracy.