SOLUTION INTRODUCTIONBehavior analysis solution made by Sentiance's AI


Although the word, big data, is being heard frequently, the situation has not changed significantly. The fact that it is very difficult to remove noise and outliers and give meaning to the vast quantities of data that can be obtained from smartphones has not changed. Sentiance, our partner company provides behavior analysis based on smartphone sensor data. Merely by implementing an SDK, Sentiance technology enables to increase the possibility of in-house applications dramatically by collecting and analyzing behavioral data as far as constructing prediction models of the users’ next behavior, using AI.

Implementation items

Implementing Sentiance SDK into a smartphone application will allow you to track your customer's location and actions to understand their lifestyles, and predict what they are likely to do next. Additionally, it is possible to detect detailed actions made by the driver of a car, including braking and accelerating. Use cases obviously include deeper marketing and more accurate advertising towards customers, but also a wide range of businesses such as telematics insurance and personalization/optimization of in-car infotainment.

Technical features

Data analysis by Sentiance uses only smartphone sensor data such as GPS, Gyro sensor and accelerometer, obtained through the SDK. Traditionally, driver actions are measured by expensive hardware equipment, but this will allow easier data collection and a speedy service development. In terms of behavior analysis, each company can acquire insights about their customers that previously only OS providers could collect, and the information can be used for customer analysis and offering further benefits for them.