As social value is rapidly changing from possession to sharing, necessity of sharing system for personal mobility such as bicycle is increasing. Bike sharing has rapidly expanded in Europe, US and Asia. Now it's gaining attention even in Japan because inbound demand boasts it. It is seriously requisite to introduce a solution(Bike sharing system) in accordance to both of Japanese market and regulation.

Implementation items

The bike delivery should cover (deal with / address) multi-mobility from bike to electric mobility, and adapt to Japanese road conditions and government regulation. We are building unprecedented sharing platform using IoT that could handle various sharing from station type, station-less type to delivery type.

Technical features

Our sharing system provides all the functions that are required for sharing business such as flexible fee/time setting, station management, vehicle management and delivery management including on-demand bike delivery. Furthermore, it is possible to start business using existing machine effectively, since IoT technology allows(helps) parking equipment and adjustment machine to connect cloud.