8i and Realize Mobile Communications Announce Strategic Partnership to Bring
Volumetric Video Technology to the Japanese Market

  • August 22, 2018
  • Realize Mobile Communications Corp.
  • 8i Labs, Inc.

8i and Realize Mobile Communications announce strategic partnership to bring volumetric video technology to the Japanese market.

8i, a global leader in volumetric technology, and Realize Mobile Communications (RMC), a leading Japanese provider of mobile solutions and a SoftBank group company, announced an exclusive partnership to develop volumetric video products and services. According to Hayes Mackaman, President of 8i, “Our technology changes the way we view and share our memories, experiences, and performances. Japan is an enormous market for this technology, and we are convinced RMC is the perfect partner.”

8i has developed volumetric video technology that enables the capture, processing, and playback of 3D holograms. Their capture technology dramatically reduces the cost to create 3D content. In addition, they have developed a wide array of playback tools that allow users to create and integrate content for mobile applications, creating experiences that are quite differentiated from traditional 2D content. With 8i’s proprietary compression the 3D content can be distributed to any device or platform, and playback at the highest and most efficient quality for that device. In 2017, 8i released the mobile application, called Holo, to demonstrate the power of the content. Since its release, Holo has been downloaded approximately 2 million times worldwide and has been featured in Apple’s App Store.

“At RMC we are focused on developing innovative products for mobile users,” said Atsushi Katsumoto, Director at RMC ” and we identified early on that 8i was the right partner to bring volumetric video to Japan in a way that immediately impacts the marketplace.”

RMC will provide the following services in Japan:

  1. Distribution of capture rigs - simple to operate, no need for a specialist.
  2. Processing of content - video files captured by the rig will be processed and delivered as a single 3D hologram.
  3. Developer tools - a player interface featuring a plug-in for Unity and the Web, as well as native iOS and Android development tools.
  4. Content applications - applications for various devices to store, play, and share content can be developed upon request.

RMC and 8i see several immediate use cases for the technology in apparel, entertainment, education, and at events like weddings, birthdays, and sports events. An AR app may show fashion models walking through a store, or replay a musical performance in the comfort of your own home. A person will soon be able to capture themselves, and their friends and family, at birthday parties and events, and have a hologram to memorialize their experience. More information can be found at this link. (http://www.8i.com/stages/)

Among others, RMC has agreed with C&C, Inc. (bridal & memorial use), P-link, Inc. (pet capturing use), and KINGBEAT, Inc., (PR and event use) to explore this new technology.

Media contact:

Realize Mobile Communications (Japan)
Atsushi Katsumoto, Shoko Yukawa, Moe Nanami