Real-scale high quality 3D hologram is enabled to play in any devices including AR glasses and 4G devices
– Achieving high quality/compression by significantly renewing original 3D hologram codec –

  • October 13th, 2020
  • Realize Mobile Communications Corp.
Realize Mobile Communications Corp. (“Realize Mobile”), a member of SoftBank Group, and 8i Corporation (“8i”), a global leader in hologram technology, operate one of the largest XR studios in Japan that can capture and generate high quality volumetric video (“3D hologram”). Realize Mobile and 8i announce today new CODEC, which contains streaming bitrates reduced by approximately one-fifth of conventional rates while maintaining its high quality visual results. Due to the fact that 3D hologram generally have a large file size, it requires high-speed network for playback and streaming; therefore, the way to deliver 3D content is still very limited by having to lower the resolution or convert it into 2D video in order for users to play in 4G network or on low-spec devices. This new CODEC and additional system features make it possible to smoothly and effortlessly provide 3D hologram services not only to 5G users but also to 4G and low-spec device users. As for quality, the new CODEC achieves further quality improvements, especially in facial region, by implementing new machine learning techniques and by utilizing lenses with multiple focal lengths during the capture process.

For streaming and playback, Realize Mobile and 8i support the adaptive streaming compatible with MPEG-DASH. This allows users to instantly view holograms without having to endure long loading times. Furthermore, they also support Google’s WebXR to enable richer AR experience through Chrome on Android to directly play 3D hologram without downloading any mobile applications. Lastly, Realize Mobile is also planning on launching the world's first cloud xR service optimized for 3D holograms. In addition to highly compressed 3D hologram of multiple performers, this should enable any rich content with various effects can be smoothly played on any device. It is considered to be used for various purposes including hologram AR live-streaming of a large number of performers.

Realize Mobile and 8i continue to drive initiatives forward to realize next-generation communication and brand new entertainment by simplifying to play realistic life-size hologram on variety of devices including limited spec devices, such as AR glasses.

■List of additional features
    - services will be provided sequentially from December 2020

  • Reduction of bit rate by introducing the new CODEC
  • Increased quality by introducing machine learning
  • Quality improvement in details by utilizing lenses with multiple focal lengths
  • Adaptive streaming compatible with MPEG-DASH
  • Support for WebXR provided by google
  • Cloud XR services optimized for 3D hologram distribution

■Quality comparison

Current codec
New codec

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Realize Mobile Communications (Japan)
Atsushi Katsumoto, Moe Nanami
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