KINGBEAT and Realize Mobile Join Forces to Launch FASHION TECH TOKYO,
a Cutting-edge Fashion Technology Service for the Metaverse Era

  • January 27, 2023
  • Realize Mobile Communications Corp.
  • KINGBEAT Co., Ltd.

New service brings revolutionary 3D fashion shows to life by combining volumetric video with digital fashion technology

KINGBEAT Co., Ltd. (“KINGBEAT”) and Realize Mobile Communications Corp. ("Realize Mobile"), a group company of SoftBank Corp., have joined forces to introduce cutting-edge fashion technology to the metaverse era. Under this partnership, the companies will launch the new and revolutionary fashion service FASHION TECH TOKYO in January 2023.

This service allows for the creation of 3D digital fashion for VR, AR and the metaverse, as well as the implementation of 3D fashion shows through the use of volumetric video (3D holograms) and digital fashion and will be available starting on January 27th.

With FASHION TECH TOKYO, apparel companies can create high-resolution 3D digital fashion items that can be viewed from any angle, and showcase them on real-world models and influencers. This service also allows for the creation of 3D virtual fashion shows.

virtual fashion shows

■ Overview of FASHION TECH TOKYO launch

KINGBEAT is a business that develops and supports the planning, production, direction, progress, and operation of events in various industries, including music and fashion. Realize Mobile boasts a world-class track record and operates a dedicated studio business capable of shooting volumetric video that utilizes cutting-edge technologies such as xR*.

Volumetric video technology can generate 3D images by converting the entire space, including the movement of people and objects, into 3D data. By combining the generated 3D images with xR technology and the metaverse, it is possible to provide new viewing experiences in various fields such as entertainment, sports, and education.
In the apparel industry, there is a growing need for new product development and marketing strategies that take into account both traditional customer contact points such as brick-and-mortar stores, as well as new digital contact points such as VR and the metaverse. This includes creating digital fashion items such as NFTs. To successfully deploy fashion items in the metaverse and NFT space, it is crucial to optimize not only clothes, but also the models and influencers wearing them for the digital world. While it is relatively easy to create still images using CG, it is much more challenging to capture the subtle wrinkles and movements of clothing, as well as the unique texture of digital items. Therefore, product developers or marketers had to take different approach, such as using animated models and avatars, which are like cartoon characters for their VR and metaverse project rather than using models and influencers.

With the launch of the revolutionary fashion service FASHION TECH TOKYO, KINGBEAT and Realize Mobile are combining their expertise in digital fashion creation and volumetric capture technology respectively to create 3D digital fashion and 3D fashion shows for use in VR, AR, and the metaverse. Unlike conventional simple 3D avatars and CG static images, a high level of detail can be recreated by simulating the wrinkles, movement, textures of clothes. It's possible to create a unique consumption experience by recreating retail products in digital spaces like VR and the metaverse and using the same models and influencers, all without altering the brand's perspective.

*xR is a generic term for VR, AR, MR, and other technologies that merge the virtual world with the real world to create new experiences.

What can be accomplished with FASHION TECH TOKYO

・Produce high-resolution digital fashion items that can be developed into NFTs

By creating high-resolution digital versions of products for sale in physical stores and e-commerce sites for use in VR, AR, and the Metaverse, we can produce digital fashion items that have unique shapes, materials, and textures specific to the digital format. Additionally, these items can be transformed into NFTs and sold or given away to customers who make a purchase in-store.

・Showcase models and influencers wearing digital fashion in the metaverse

By utilizing models and influencers to showcase digital fashion items in VR, AR, the metaverse, as well as on company websites and on social media platforms, such as Instagram, brands can reach their existing fans and customers. Additionally, this approach allows for an immersive experience, bringing followers even closer to brands.

・View cutting-edge 3D content at stores and at home

Consumers can now access new forms of 3D content such as virtual fashion shows in the metaverse, xR-powered digital showrooms, and digital lookbooks. Previously, high-resolution 3D content could only be viewed on high-performance devices, but with Realize Mobile's volumetric video technology, content can be easily accessed on regular smartphones or smart glasses, both in-store or at home.

・Greater sustainability

Digital fashion eliminates the need for physical samples and a wide range of sizes and stock, which reduces environmental pollution caused by excess fabric disposal and CO2 emissions from production and transportation. By utilizing volumetric video to create items, virtual fashion shows, and digital showrooms, the apparel industry can become more sustainable.

・Creation of completely new fashion brands

In recent years, numerous brands have ventured into the digital fashion industry, leading to the emergence of brands solely focused on digital fashion without physical stores or inventory. FASHION TECH TOKYO assists new fashion brands to create value by offering technical guidance, design, and promotional development for digital fashion items previously deemed impossible.

■ Future developments

Going forward, KINGBEAT and Realize Mobile will aim to advance the fashion tech business through FASHION TECH TOKYO by collaborating with established brands, producing original pieces, and hosting digital fashion competitions featuring young designers and students.
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