Step into the Future: Realize Mobile and Pixel Canvas Enable Volumetric Video
Playback in the Metaverse

  • June,22, 2023
  • Realize Mobile Communications Corp.
  • Pixel Canvas Inc.
Realize Mobile Communications Corp. ("Realize Mobile"), a group company of SoftBank Corp., has entered into a business partnership agreement with Pixel Canvas Inc. ("Pixel Canvas"). Through this partnership, Realize Mobile will provide services for businesses and content providers who wish to venture into the metaverse, allowing them to create original metaverses and content within metaverses.

Both parties have joined forces in a groundbreaking business partnership aimed at transforming the metaverse landscape. With Realize Mobile's high-quality and real-time streaming volumetric video (3D hologram) technology and Pixel Canvas's enterprise-grade metaverse platform technology, the collaboration will empower businesses and content providers to explore new frontiers within the metaverse by enabling the creation of original metaverses and immersive content.

The metaverse holds significant potential in the realms of business and entertainment. However, there are currently several challenges, such as the requirement for high-performance machines and dedicated applications, as well as the low-resolution and low-polygon landscapes and content within the metaverse. Additionally, most content in the metaverse relies on computer-generated graphics and avatars, lacking photorealistic representations of real-life individuals and characters.

Through this partnership, it will become possible for anyone to easily access high-quality Unreal Engine 5 metaverse experiences using smartphones, tablets, or browsers on their PCs. Furthermore, leveraging volumetric video technology, real-world-based celebrities, influencers, and artists can provide immersive experiences within the metaverse, such as realistic music concerts and theatrical performances. This groundbreaking service is made possible by the technological expertise of both companies.

Realize Mobile and Pixel Canvas are committed to driving innovation and unleashing the potential of the metaverse. Through this strategic partnership, businesses and content providers will embark on an extraordinary journey where creativity and technology converge to shape a new digital realm of endless possibilities.

■Realize Mobile's roles:

・Taking and importing high-quality volumetric videos specifically for the metaverse.
・Real-time streaming services for volumetric videos in the metaverse.
・Spatial design and production in the metaverse tailored to volumetric videos.
・Serving as the service contact point for Pixel Canvas within Japan.

■Pixel Canvas' roles:

・Integration of volumetric video playback functionality into the metaverse.
・Provision of browser-based metaverse using cloud rendering technology.
・Incorporation of world-building and special effects, such as those based on Unreal Engine 5*, into the metaverse.
・Delivery of 2D-based video streaming capabilities other than volumetric videos.
・Provision of communication, social networking, and chat room features, including webinars.
・Multiplayer Gamification with Ready Player Me avatars
・Networking in-browser Video and Text chat
・Implementation of paid event functions such as billing and authentication.

* Software enabling game development, linear content production for film and television, broadcast and live event production, and other real-time applications.

■Service Concept

Service Concept1
Service Concept2Service Concept3
Service Concept4Service Concept5


■About Realize Mobile:

Realize Mobile is a technology company that leverages cutting-edge technologies to create added value and support innovative business development. Founded in 2000 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the current SoftBank Corp., the company focuses on generating new businesses and fostering business development through technology-driven initiatives and collaboration with customers. Realize Mobile specializes in MaaS, xR, and healthcare technology domains, and continues to undertake numerous advanced projects with national clients.

■Company Information

Name Realize Mobile Communications Corp.
Address 6th Floor, 2-4-5 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
CEO Masato Sakatani
date of establishment May 1st, 2000
Main business activities We provide information provision services and consulting in the field of mobile/internet. Additionally, we undertake the planning, designing, and operation of communication network services utilizing the Internet.


Contact Person Realize Mobile Communications Corp.
Masahiro Ishizuka/Atsushi Katsumoto
Phone 03-5549-1350

■About Pixel Canvas:

Pixel Canvas is a browser-based, 3D, interactive platform that has helped major brands address the new reality of digital interactivity with a superior product. Pixel Canvas leverages a gaming background and high visual fidelity 3D design experience to offer a built-in 3D editor dashboard to customize environments in the Metaverse within minutes.

■Company Information

Name Pixel Canvas Inc.
Address 453 S Spring St Ste 400 Los Angeles, CA 90013
CEO Joey Lee