SOLUTION INTRODUCTION8i - creating real human holograms


As computing technology in AR and VR evolve, there are needs to easily create volumetric contents that give people more immersive feeling in 3D spaces such as augmented, virtual and mixed reality. It is especially challenging to capture and represent a real object such as human being in 3D, as creating them in CG requires much time and cost.

Implementation items

We partnered with 8i, and will provide experiences/services utilizing their hologram technology in which you can feel as if the hologram person is in the same room. The hologram is created as a 3D object that has true volume by combining videos taken by an array of cameras from multiple angles, and it can be utilized in VR, AR or MR. We also provide tools for developers in order to facilitate their process of making contents with holograms.

Technical features

We support the total process, from shooting holograms to distributing them. The hologram files can be integrated into Unity or Unreal projects, and will enable people to experience contents with human in the most realistic and immersive way in a virtual space. 8i proprietary compression algorithm enables files to be played/delivered to various devices at the highest and most efficient resolution, including not only head set devices but also ARKit (iOS) and ARCore (Android,) facilitating creation of various applications using hologram.