The values modern consumers prioritize have shifted from consumption and ownership to experiences. In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for content that enables consumers to actively participate and immerse themselves. Traditional digital signage has primarily served as a passive medium for broadcasting information, which limited the ability for audiences to deeply experience or become immersed in a brand's or product's concepts, values, and messages. Moreover, conventional one-way media, including digital signage, have faced challenges in integrating with social media, thereby limiting the potential to enhance engagement and conversion rates between content creators and consumers. To respond to these shifting market dynamics, there is a growing need for interactive and experiential content, along with more innovative media strategies.

Implementation items

Our innovative AR mirror technology was featured as an interactive photo booth at the after-party of Japan’s largest K-POP music festival, “Kstyle PARTY.” This photo booth allowed artists and guests at the photo call to capture themselves alongside interactive 3D videos specifically designed to align with the “Kstyle PARTY” brand image. Unlike traditional static photo booths, our new digital signage service provided a dynamic and engaging experience, earning high praise from attendees. Moreover, the videos captured could be effortlessly shared on social media, significantly amplifying the event's excitement and enhancing the brand's online presence. This cutting-edge AR mirror technology delivers a new form of entertainment that meets modern consumer demands for participatory content and social media integration.

Technical features

Our cutting-edge AR signage technology dynamically adjusts its presentation based on the viewer's movements and proximity to the mirror, creating an immersive three-dimensional experience by placing content within a virtual 3D space. Integrated sensors enable the display of brand icons and products in this space, making it ideal for virtual fitting applications. This packaged solution is easy to implement across various types of digital signage, allowing for straightforward upgrades to existing systems. Unlike traditional one-way signage, this technology facilitates interactive and engaging experiences, offering deeper brand engagement. It creates a stronger connection between the viewer and the brand, functioning as an effective marketing tool.