The use of the internet has shifted to be focused on sharing experiences, and computing power increases, internet business with 3D technology, such as Virtual Reality (VR), is also on the rise. AR and VR, and the combined MR is expected to increase business efficiency by facilitating a process of sharing expertise.

Implementation items

Based on our experience in IoT, we are focusing on MR technology that goes beyond AR and VR, such as making real objects that the user can navigate around easily and with high accuracy. We develop technologies for a seamless integration of real human, objects and experiences in virtual space and real space.

Technical features

Even though it has been considered challenging to perform, express, and control real human and objects in the space of AR and VR; however, we solved it by utilizing sensing technology for spatial recognition and reality capturing for holographic technology. Our spatial recognition technology, down to the millimeter level, and real hologram generation technology are some of the best in the world.